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Temperature Control Regulations - eTCR - Digital - 2024 - English

Temperature Control Regulations - eTCR - Digital - 2024 - English
Temperature Control Regulations - eTCR - Digital - 2024 - English
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Temperature Control Regulations Versión Digital - 2024 - eTCR - English
The Global Standard for the Safe Transportation of Healthcare Products by Air
As a result of the pharmaceutical industries request for a standalone healthcare regulation the IATA Temperature Control Regulations (TCR) replicates the chapter in the dealing with the packaging, labelling, handling of pharmaceutical products and mainly the chapter on healthcare logistics (PCR Chapter 17).
The TCR is a comprehensive guide designed to enable stakeholders involved in the transport and handling of pharmaceutical product to safely meet the requirements.
This new product only includes sections which are relevant to the transport of temperature sensitive healthcare products. For consistency, the numbering sequence of the TCR follows that of the PCR. 
What's Included
The TCR provides you access to the most current and efficient practices for your perishable cargo operations and an integral tool to achieve cost savings and avoiding delays by guaranteeing your shipments are problem-free and compliant with international or local regulations. The TCR includes:
Up-to-date airline and government requirements pertaining to the transport of healthcare and pharmaceutical products
Requirements on handling, marking & labeling
Necessary packaging requirements
Information on handling procedures
The necessary documentation needed when transporting healthcare products
Who needs the TCR?
The TCR is a necessity for everyone involved in the transport of pharmaceutical goods by air and is specifically geared towards:
Pharmaceutical companies
Ground Handlers
Freight Forwarders
Features of the TCR
The eTCR, is available in electronic format only and has multiple features to find what you're looking for quickly and efficiently.
Tabs – Open the manual in a new tab to create customized versions with favorites, mark ups such as annotations and highlights or simply to open in a dedicated section
Favorites – Bookmark frequently referenced passages and sections for quick and easy access
Annotations – Mark up the manual with your own comments to customize the LBSG to your unique processes
Navigation – With many links to chapters within the document you can reference related content with just the click of a button
If you are a large airline, freight forwarder or shipper and are interested in concurrent user licenses(foating licenses) for your organization, contact for more information on pricing and requirements.
Año: 2024
Modo: Aéreo
Familia: IATA - DGR - Temperature Control Regulations
Formato: Digital
Idioma: English