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02 Jun Si envías mercancías peligrosas a nivel internacional, es esencial estar al tanto de las regulaciones.
02 Jun ¿Necesitas asesoramiento con tus mercancías peligrosas para carretera?
15 Jun BOE / Orden FOM/606/2018
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  Publicado en: «BOE» núm. 137, de 6 de Junio de 2018, página 58189 Sección: I. Disposiciones generales Departamento: Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo Referencia: BOE-A-..
02 Dec Enmiendas de 2014 al código marítimo internacionl (IMDG)
01 Dec DOUE-L-2016-82302 PDF de la disposición
14 Jun Reported a parking truck dangerous goods with a kindergarten in Argamasilla (Ciudad Real)
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It all started when in July 2015, Gabaldon learned that the plot of thousand square meters attached to their house had been bought by a businessman engaged in the transportation of hazardous..
14 Jun The locals use about 40 million batteries per year, which are transformed into waste pollutants
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The body, which was presented Wednesday by the defender Alejandro Love, will be in charge of environmental Antonio Elio Brailovky, who produced a first work devoted to the problem of environmen..
14 Jun Discuss the law of agrochemical containers in the Congress of the Nation
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v> The project, which already has preliminary approval of the Senate, indicates the main points to consider for managing these containers. While currently are legally considered as hazardou..
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The driver was identified as Jesus Garcia Leon and his companion José Quintanar Irvin Sandoval resulting wounds, both were taken to General Hospital on board the unit 091 of the Red Cross to re..
08 Jun Step SEMARNAT-07-017
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v> It is the instrument through which the hazardous waste generators must comply with the obligation to register with the Secretariat.   Generators of hazardous waste   Gene..
07 Jun Confirm the presence of hazardous waste in the bay of Cartagena, northern Colombia
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May be substances "such as mercury, zinc and copper," he said the comptroller said in a statement.   The complaint, filed by a consultant of the Corporation Environmental Inspectorate (..
07 Jun Hazardous waste: Environment conducts inspections across the province to prevent irregularities in the use of plant protection
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Undersecretary of Environment held in May, a series of inspections across the province, in order to detect possible irregularities in the sale, transportation and use of pesticides. According t..
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