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21 Oct Responsabilidad del Expedidor de mercancías peligrosas para el transporte por vía aérea
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Material técnico está extraído del curso “Expedidor ‘CAT-1’ | OACI / IATA-DGR” que DGM Spain imparte en calidad de Centro Autorizado por la Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea (AES..
18 Jul The Air Cargo Club expedite requests authorization to operate with third countries in the Barcelona Airport
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Gonzalo said the Barcelona-El Prat Airport is becoming a real hub for charging and you need to have more international connections, it is necessary to obtain permits for companies operating fligh..
18 Jul DGM open its first warehouse for dangerous goods in Mexico
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  Thus, consolidates its presence in Mexico with new facilities and adding new clients to its portfolio, such as John Deere who knocked DGM for advice and training, said the director of Train..
20 Jun Certificate "Strategic Partnerships"
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  The program of "Strategic Partnerships" is intended for aviation solution providers (in this case as DGM, the main School of Education & Sales Agent IATA internationally) to build and s..
20 Nov DGM launches online marketing publications on hazardous cargo
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The company has tried to centralize the whole process of buying your new website online with the aim of facilitating and much more comfortable buying process with all regulations . Among ..
30 May Nueva Normativa para Mercancias peligrosas en carga aerea
30 May Generalitat y Cámara de Comercio quieren incentivar la carga aérea en Barcelona
30 May DGM organizes a conference of dangerous goods
30 May Curso para la calificación como operador de mercancías peligrosas por vía aérea
30 May ATEIA-OLT organiza curso transporte aéreo de mercancías peligrosas
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