Published in: "BOE" no. 315, of December 30, 2014, pages 107113-107114 (2 pp.)
Section: III. other provisions
Department: Ministry of Development
Reference: BOE-A-2014-13649

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Completed application for renewal of approval for the center "Laix Universal" for courses Handling of Dangerous Goods for Dock and Terminal Operators and training courses Handling of Dangerous Goods for Components of Port Organizations, view the documentation, and in accordance with the provisions of the Order of 30 May 1990 laying down the conditions of training courses for handling dangerous goods in ports of general interest ("BOE" number 134 of June 5 sets 1990)

The State Ports Public Authority resolved:


Approval to extend the Centre 'Laix Universal "for courses Handling of Dangerous Goods to Dock and Terminal Operators and training courses Handling of Dangerous Goods to Components of Port Organizations.


This extension of approval shall be valid for two years from the date of signature always being able to extend that requested by the center "Laix Universal" before the expiry date and continue to meet the requirements of the regulations.


In a period of not less than fifteen working days before the conclusion of each course, the center 'Laix Universal "inform the State Ports Public Authority, by fax or email, dates of start and end of the course to be taught; Responsible for the course; number, name, identity and national identity of pupils; the place where they will teach the course; the characteristics of the material equipment to be used; distribution of course content at the time of its development; the ratio of trainers and assessors accompanied corresponding course of professional resume with qualifications and experience of those who have not participated in previous courses or not contained in the package. In case you are not available at the time of the list of names of students, it is sent by fax or email to the State Ports as soon as possible and prior to the start of the course. Also, any change in the data cited will be notified immediately by fax or email to the State Ports where known.


The center "Laix Universal", within fifteen days after the completion of the course, sent the official record thereof to the State Ports with student data. This report must contain the name of each student, number of national identity and grades earned by students (pass / fail) and the signature of the responsible course with the approval of the Director of the center. The training center will issue and deliver to each student who has completed the course with a certificate fit assessment in which it shall record that the student has completed the course with satisfactory results of attendance and, with suitable qualification. The certificate shall be signed by the Director of the center.


At their request, the center 'Laix Universal "may refer to such Certificates Ports, for endorsement by the President of the State Ports.


Personnel involved in the courses must be covered by a comprehensive accident insurance provides sufficient coverage for risks that may arise during the implementation thereof.

Madrid, November 25, 2014.-The President of the State Ports, José Llorca Ortega.