Both the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the port captain, Bob Sanguinetti, have officially confirmed and through press that carried out these tasks, alerting sailors, pleasure boats and other staff of the sea, to 19 hours Saturday, a security perimeter of 200 meters around the berth South Mole is established. In addition to a series of measures to avoid any incident with a goods whose type is unknown.

It should be noted that these maneuvers come in full debate on the situation of the British fleet. A few days ago the Daily Mail echoed the engineer William McNeilly complaint about the insecurity of the Vanguard class submarines was made, although the Ambush is the Astute class, the newspaper quoted said that it took more than a month paralyzed by detecting more than 50 structural deficiencies.

At the moment, the situation in the environment of the Bay has not caused any reaction in the political arena, although socially. In fact, Verdemar has announced it will launch, regardless of what happens this weekend, a national and international campaign to denounce the continued presence of nuclear ships in the Strait. "We are contacting groups around the world," notes Muñoz, suspecting that the UK intends to convert Gibraltar on a permanent basis of submarines of this type. It is recalled that since the presence of the Tireless remembered (2001) and all the controversy caused by the failure that lasted for more than a year in the Rock, 60 have been those who have ended up in the naval base of the colony.