After disciplinary proceedings initiated 099/13 SAN and 19/14 SAN to complaints Platform Ciutadana not to Contaminació and Ecologists in Action, the document does not provide conselleria resolution of the two files, which makes suspect the intentions of the Director General of Environmental Quality.

Forgetfulness I have any, but two crucial documents for resolving disciplinary records Reyval on infectious medical waste and possible arguments are not forgotten at once on the same day that the withdrawal of one of the files is resolved and expiration.

This attitude is by far the DGCA denies almost two years crucial for the resolution of disciplinary proceedings to the Platform No information Contaminació ago. which gives rise to suspect irregularities that are detected in the processing of such records, as the requirements for access to the information in these records and contribution of the documentation generated parties in person are violated, as are the platform for Action and Eocologistas in the above and much of the required information has been declared confidential by the Director General at the request of the sanctioned company, Ambient Reyval disciplinary proceedings. In addition, much of the information requested is not provided no further explanation. Now, the revocation of the resolution that the company is sanctioned with 25,000 € justifying a document claims that "appears" as if by magic, a week after the issuance of the resolution, and also occurs is resolved expiration of the record, which is, at best, odd.
From the citizens and environmental groups requires greater transparency in the handling of disciplinary proceedings and greater agility when solving, with implications for better control of hazardous activities given the type of hazardous waste handled, in this waste sanitary case infectious any inspection activity management of infectious medical waste from the January 15, 2014, also in the management of other hazardous wastes are managed in the plant Reyval Ambient is not known, which supposed helplessness of citizens, especially in the health scare caused by the Ebola virus, which increases risks and the need for very careful management of infectious waste throughout the Valencian Community, both transport and definitive management.