Judge charged with a crime against the environment in competition with three negligent homicide. They also charged offenses to own a chaterrería of Two Sisters by the case of the death of three members of a family of Alcalá who died poisoned by pesticide-impregnated plugs stored at home. 
Pedro GC, employee of the junkyard, yes said today in court and has been freed after appearing for more than two hours before the magistrate 2 Alcalá de Guadaíra (Sevilla). 
Statement this past accused is over 14 hours today and then have appeared the legal representatives of the waste management company and the junkyard, as defendants jointly and severally liable. 
All have been accused of crimes alleged negligent homicide and against the environment by not recycling properly about boats pesticide last December killed three family members Caño Bautista, who stored the caps of containers in the bathtub of her home. 
The waste management company, Alansu SL, instead of destroying and eliminating pesticide cans, as it was obliged to do so because he received a grant, allegedly sold them to the junkyard Recycled level, according to research, facilitated plugs the father of the deceased family. 
This man stored in the bathtub of her home thousands of plugs impregnated aluminum phosphide, a substance which in contact with moisture becomes a very toxic gas, which was responsible for the deaths of three family members.