The course objective is to make the audience comply with current legislation concerning the transport of dangerous goods by air, renewing knowledge on the acceptance, classification, packaging and documentation.

During class will discuss, among other issues, significant changes and amendments to previous editions, safety plans, emergency procedures, classification and lists, packaging and instructions, trademarks and labels.

In addition, students will conduct a final year and ranking exercises, marking, labeling and preparation of the Shipper's Declaration.

The total cost of 15 hours is 200 euros for students of partner companies Ateia-Oltra and 300 euros for the other students.

Classes are held from 9 to 12 March, Monday to Wednesday between 16.00h the 20.00h to 19.00h Thursday at the headquarters of Ateia-Oltra of Madrid.

Ateia-Oltra is also organizing the course 'Update dangerous goods for freight'.