The municipality defined the new schedule tour truck to collect differentiated waste already done in four routes covering districts of the West, by which defined a day are removed only dry environment suitable for the recycling .

The neighbors must be separated in different containers or cans at home wet waste compounds by organic debris in general, fruit and vegetable peels, grass, coffee, meat, soil, and paper and paperboard with food that are dirty or wet. In another bowl, dry waste: paper and cardboard, cans, plastic, cloth, glass (healthy and broken bottles, windows) and metals (spool, keys, locks, cables, pipes, aluminum cans), tetra-pak containers (milk , juice, wine). It is important that everything is clean and dry.

And in a third container, hazardous waste such as batteries, aerosols, paint cans, and sanitary waste.

The collection truck will continue traveling regularly every neighborhood but there is a unique day to remove the bags with dry recyclable waste products.
L Route 12
a collection initiated a pilot test in June and following the neighborhood acceptance, it spread throughout the city in September with a route schedule adherence progressively until year end.

They already have the service unlike Route 12 which runs from mile 15, Cerro Chico neighborhood, Villa Don Orione, Valle Escondido, Avenida Bustillo, Don Bosco, El Trebol, San Pedro Peninsula as a whole, Bell Mapuche Park, Villa Llanquihue , Villa Suyai, Moreno Lake Park, Quintral Park Casteig Park Golf Villa, Villa Tacul, Small Circuit, Letters, Laguna Clover, Colonia Suiza. The truck only removes dry on Wednesdays.
Route 7 that runs every Monday through Saturday, with the collection of dry waste on Thursdays is then added. Includes Belgrano streets to Pasaje Pasaje Gutierrez and Gutierrez from Puyehue to Jacobacci Engineer, neighborhoods Botanical Garden, Las Margaritas, Belgrano, Foothills, Melipal II, Alto Botanical Garden, La Cumbre and comprising 400 homes.
Route 8 also already has the differential system. Includes Cipresales and Sara Maria Furman streets between Av. Bustillo Av. Pioneers from mile 1 to 3 comprises the districts Sara Maria Furman, Los Cipresales, Melipal, El Prado, Rayen Mapu, Rancho Grande, Carihue where Wednesday only dry waste is collected.

Route 9 was added to the separate collection at the end of September, according to the official schedule. There the collection truck on Thursdays only collects dry. The area includes the streets Sara Maria Furman, Pinar del Lago, Pinar de Festa to Willow Street, Los Retamos, La Cascada, El Mirador, San Ignacio del Cerro, Cerro Park Huber, Virgin Missionary School No. 321 and CEM 123.
The last route to join the new system was the 10 route where the route divides Street Pudu Pudu. section Bustillo, after 7.5 km to 14.5 and Pichi Mahuida. Continue on Blue Bird, Neighborhood House, Villa Jamaica, Atomic Center, Official Sub, Pinar de Festa, Playa Bonita, Piren Huapi, Puerto Moreno, finishing by Av. Bustillo kilometer and 5-3 neighborhood of Los Notros. In these areas dry collection is done on Thursdays.

It will continue with the separate collection route 11 from Monday October 6 with collecting buckets on Wednesdays. The tour includes entrance on Pudu Pudu from kilometer 15 to Nahuel Malal continuing on Lake Moreno neighborhood, neighborhood August 2, Jockey Club, Playa Serena, El Lazo, Argentine Army, Brazo Campanario, ending on South Lake Street, Bustillo km 5 to 3.

It will continue from 13 to Route 13 collection buckets only on Thursdays in neighborhoods El Frutillar, Union, April 2, Pillar I and II.

Since 20 will be the turn of Route 14 with the collection of dry waste Thursdays in Nahuel I, Malvinas, Cooperative Omega, 106 houses (The Hills), Alem Park, Nahuel Hue II, The Maitén neighborhoods Cooperative 258, 136 housing.
By late October Route 15 will be incorporated with the removal of dried on Wednesdays Eva Peron in neighborhoods, Barrio Lions, April 28, Virgen de las Nieves, National Route 82, Barrio Los Coihues, Villa Lago Gutierrez.

As of November 3 will be the turn of Route 16 that includes Ñireco South to Police College, by Bustillo from km 2.300 to Pichi Mahuida, km 14,700, Camping Circe enters km 10 Bridge Arroyo Gutiérrez, Fish, CNEA, Soccer Field, Av. Pioneers from 2,300 km to 7,500 km, street Libra. Thursday there will be collection buckets, except Atomic Center will have retirement Wednesday.

Route 17 including the Catedral will add on 10 November with collection buckets on Thursday, while in high season by the magnitude of the waste will be every day.

In the downtown area dry collection will also be daily from November 17 due to the magnitude of the material. The section extends from Arnaudo 1 kilometer Avenida Bustillo and October 12 at Elflein transverse to Gallardo. It spans the Elordi and Gallardo, Gallardo Moreno, Sarmiento, Elflein to Elordi street, Mitre rise by Moreno Ruiz, Avda. Diagonal Capraro, Vice Alte. O'Connor, up by Ruiz Moreno, Costanera, Club Nahuel Huapi.

Salta, San Martin, Spain and micro Mitre center between Moreno and October 12, Quaglia, Morales, Rolando, Beschtedt, Palacios.

From November 24 Route 2 comprising the Gallardo streets until 25 May and 9 July to Pasaje Gutierrez, with the removal of dried on Wednesdays will be added.

In December, Route 3 will be added to the collection of dried Wednesdays. Grid covers the range between the streets Ruiz Moreno, Beschtedt, 153 Santa Cruz neighborhood and Housing. Furthermore neighborhoods Las Quintas, Santo Cristo, 204 Houses, Ayelén, 218 Housing, 6 apples, 266 Houses, Levalle, 153 Houses, 181 Houses, 169 Houses, Furman, 170 Houses, Antu Hue. The Vivero neighborhood gathering will dry Friday.

Route 4 is then added since 8 December with collection buckets on Wednesdays. The covers btw Radales, Rivadavia, Santa Cruz, Sobral, May 1, and Mutisias, September 21 districts, Perito Moreno, New Hope, Lera, San Francisco I, 84 Houses, Homes 150, 120 and 270 Housing housing.

On 15 December it will be the turn of Route 5 which includes the Avenue October 12 collecting South Esandi, Loma de Monteverde, El Condor, Terminal, Ñireco North, San Francisco III and IV, Covigas, Nehuenche with collecting buckets Thursdays. As neighborhoods Las Victorias, Village East, The Hill, INVAP, Coca Cola and 22 neighborhood families. In another part of the same route, which includes the neighborhoods Inta, Villa Verde, Costa del Sol, Flying, Customs, The Chakras, Airport, Route 40 North to Highway Patrol, the neighborhood and takes Prefecture, removal of dry will Wednesdays.

By 15 December, as the end of the schedule, is expected to join El Mallin neighborhood, Alborada I, Bella Vista I and II, Ada María Elflein, May 3, 154 houses (Juan Manuel de Guemes), 96 Housing , Vuriloche I, II and IV, the Birches, Quimey Hue, Omega, Argentino, El Progreso, ending by the company on May 3 with the removal of dried on Wednesdays.