In the last regular session of parliament Guanajuato, the New Alliance Party deputy, J. Marco Antonio Miranda Mazcorro presented a point of agreement which was approved by the Assembly by obvious resolution, by which the political institution makes an appeal to the holders and Federal Executive powers.

Also, the warrant is also addressed to the holders of the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources and the National Water Commission.

Calls Mexican standards on discharges to water by mining activities are updated.

Guanajuato presented the congressman who is among the first places in mining production nationally and agree that this sector has been crucial for economic and social growth; the mining sector is not only a distinctive activity of Guanajuato, but it contributes to the state economy, he added.

It considered that this sector should continue to promote a strong linkage, technical assistance, promotion and exploration of metallic and nonmetallic minerals, which means the creation of more jobs and protecting the environment.

Without prejudice to the above, the legislator claimed that the mining industry is also a source of contamination, as in all stages including processes generate high impact environmental problems by generating wastewater, hazardous waste and, in some cases, emissions atmospheric residue.

In the same vein, the deputy noted that Presa La Purisima plus hauling and treated sewage from the central and northern part of the city known by the Guanajuato River, also carries on its course untreated sewage South city, such as the Ivory subdivisions, Las Teresas, Domes, Lomas del Padre and other start-ups.

However, he added, the worst would be the shock coming from the stream The Cube, which are in the upper part of the basin, lots of dams pull of significant magnitude are mine tailings The Cube, The Towers, The Tajo among others.

Mazcorro Miranda said it is found that dust from mine tailings can directly affect health, small particles, loaded with potentially hazardous substances are inhaled and deposited in the lungs.

The tailings dust ingestion can happen through hand contact with the mouth or food intake or by the use of water consumption.

Regarding the control of hazardous wastes generated by mining, the legislator stressed that the Act Regulations Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection in Hazardous Waste, specifies that the outcome of these will be made in tailings dams, and they should not deposited above populations.

Nor above water bodies-receptors, located at a distance of at least 25 miles, but in the case of bodies of water in this town, these are less distance than the law requires.

Considered the deputy who can be made a number of short-term measures to improve waste management and overall pollution abatement, such as improving the conditions of the tailings dams such as recycled water to the tailings flotation process, monitor the quality of groundwater by frequent analysis.

Likewise, periodically determine the composition of the powders affecting areas where the population is exposed, and train control measures that allow subjecting organic waste thermolysis high value, calorific, including plastics, oil, tires etc. .

The Great Panther pollutes the city

In this section, J. Marco Antonio Miranda took the opportunity to denounce the Canadian company Great Panther, Guanajuato pollutes water through their processes of metal extraction, the residues for years have affected the quality of the fluid in the dams Solitude and Hope .

The basin for which the waters run finally dammed at the dam La Purisima, mining is imminent and that there are more than 50 tailings dams contributing pollutants that settle on that vessel in her captor.

In addition to asking that Mexican standards on discharges to water by mining are updated, the HONEYCOMB calls the above dependencies show through their websites in water rights, licenses and permits to groups that further exploitation mining in Guanajuato.

The state keeps its royalty payments and all information related to the monitoring of water quality in the river and dam Guanajuato La Purisima.

Finally, ask the head of the CNA to develop public policies for the implementation of green technologies, processes and developing capabilities for sustainable mining as well as for the conservation of water bodies likely to be violated in Mexico this activity.