The petition has been defended in full by the deputy of the Bloque Nacionalista Galego (BNG) Rosana Perez, who recalled that the Prestige oil spill in 2002 has not been the only one, since in the last 43 years have four ships dumping oil the sea and there have been serious pollution incidents.

Similarly, the deputy of the BNG has exposed the "official" data, according to which 14,000 of the 45,000 ships annually pass through the device of separation Finisterre maritime traffic carrying dangerous goods.

When heavy international traffic has added the intense activity of fishing vessels and the high number of breakdowns, emergencies and wrecks that occur with a high cost in human lives.

Rosana Perez wondered how it is that Galicia represents less than 50 percent of the total fleet of the state and, instead, add 80 percent of deaths in the fishing sector losses.

The Galician deputy stressed that accidents are not only due to human error, but this situation also blames the privatizations in the sector, cuts and adjustments to security, and reduced investment in maritime rescue plans .

On the contrary, it was considered that the solution can be transferred to Galicia sea rescue skills and fighting to strengthen pollution prevention system from the "closeness".

Pending the vote, the PP has announced his vote against deputy through Celso Delgado, who has argued that the transfer of such powers would be contrary to the Constitution, and he reminded his party Rosana Perez represents ten percent of the vote in Galicia and the request is not an autonomous community but the BNG.

According to Delgado, BNG should have added more support in parliament before bringing this proposal to Congress or to wait at least a similar initiative is debated is awaiting debate in the Galician camera.

The Socialist Party also opposed this proposition, in this case because, as said Congressman Roman Ruiz, the Socialists are in favor of strengthening maritime security joint action from the European Union, although it shares the "outrage" and mistrust following mismanagement that the PP in the Prestige disaster.

A similar position he has defended Deputy UPyD Toni Canto, who explained that his group commitment "not cede powers" to the smallest area but the largest in the EU.

Other nationalist groups such as CiU and PNV have supported the proposal.

What has made the Basque Joseba Agirretxea deputy, who wants the same for Euskadi and CiU parliamentary Pere Macias, who regretted to miss this golden opportunity to explain to the people that give answers to their problems.

"The Constitution is a suit that was too small and some of us start to drown very seriously," he exclaimed.