This chart is adapted to recent national legislative changes in the field of dangerous goods, new customer needs DGM, increased international services from globalization of markets and the exploration of new service opportunities for company.

In the new organization was created an area of "Global Services", which will integrate existing departments "Consultancy" and "Tailored Training" at national level, dedicating 2 current "Branch Offices" in Madrid and Barcelona to the services of square exclusively.

These services include, among others, the Compliance and Technical Assistance air / maritime dangerous goods Operations Training in Open for the general catalog of courses by road, sea and especially those conducted under the accreditation "IATA Accredited School" for air classroom courses, special and hazardous cargo.

Dangerous Goods Management Spain in October drafted a report on the 'Responsibility Shipper of dangerous goods for transport by air' drafted in accordance with ICAO-IT, Regulations IATA-DGR 55th Ed., Air Navigation Act 48/1960 , Criminal and Procedural Law 209/1964 of Air Navigation and Aviation Security Law 21/2003.