It all started when in July 2015, Gabaldon learned that the plot of thousand square meters attached to their house had been bought by a businessman engaged in the transportation of hazardous, toxic and polluting goods.
The neighbor informed the City Council in those same date the irregularity because the rules of this type of transport, ADR, prohibits the movement and parking of trucks of these special features in residential urban area.

Fifteen times

For almost a year ago, when he sent the first notice, he has not received a reply from the Consistory, which has led to fifteen times.
the fact that one of the children goes to kindergarten Gabaldon "I Spy", located fifty meters from where the trucks are parked is given.
The company that owns the land now has parked three heavy trucks and Gabaldon suspected that store hazardous, toxic and polluting goods. In this sense, it is waiting to receive some information about the City Council also more than a year ago.
The case is being investigated by the Seprona, by the Office of Ciudad Real and is waiting for the court ruling Tomelloso (Ciudad Real), which he addressed this April with numerous documents.
It has also been addressed to the Prefectures in Ciudad Real and the Ombudsman.