Coordinator Ecoloxista Asturias complained to the Principality of Asturias and to the Hydrographic Confederation of Biscay landfilling construction (RCD) performed by a subcontracted Degaña City Council in the works viewpoint there on the road Fondos de Vega, on the banks of the Ibias River in the Natural Park of Fuentes del Narcea and Ibias Degaña.

Recently built by the City Council with European funds for bear watching in the Natural Park The viewpoint makes no example of landscape integration in view of the observed these days with the waste management of the work are a clear attack on the values natives of the area that says it wants to preserve and promote tourist.

Surprisingly, is a municipal work carried chopped concrete floor, the operators have been put to pour the waste generated at the edge of the place, where the waste is a municipal responsibility, should be responsible for proper management.

Under the law says; CDW holder is obliged to deliver to an authorized agent, preferably allocating them, and in the following order, to operations for reuse, recycling or other forms of recovery. CDW will be used only for disposal by landfill when they have previously undergone treatment in order to exploit at least the stone materials and if you could have removed all hazardous waste and waste all those who can not apply the definition of inert.

Which was not the case here, so we asked both administrations to the offense to punish those responsible and be forced to withdrawal of waste discharges and proper management by taking them to an authorized agent.