The academic, in an interview, said that there should be as organic mercury hazardous substances not controlled at the time, waste therein various types of metals, organic compounds and PCB contaminated oils.
He said that confinement in the neighboring town was closed in the 80's by a political situation, then the Guadalcázar was also closed.

He explained that the results revealed that within a mile in the immediate area, particles of those substances were found in mice and plants.

Diaz Barriga ruled that the leakage of chemical elements in the confinement could pose risks to the health of the inhabitants of Mexquitic.
However, he said that traces of contaminants found in flora and fauna of the site. Indicating that are exiting the elements are there confined. "So that's very dangerous," he explained.

The toxicologist warned that if not addressed quickly the problem, you run the risk of a possible explosion "is dangerous right now, but as there is no exposure, because then there is no risk," she added.