The City of Las Palmas, through the Area Presidency and Security, held today, Tuesday 28 October, a mock rescue of victims after the collapse of a building in which involved troops fighting service Fire and Rescue (SEIS), Local Police, Civil Protection and Emergency Service Canario (SUC), which have implemented their coordination with any disasters in the city.

This simulation, which opened at 10:00 hours, took place in an old abandoned fish factory located in El Rincon, and these days it is demolished by the capital's City Hall as part of its plan to improve the north entrance of the city. The place has gone more than 90 effective emergency services, after receiving an alert collapse of a warehouse structure with possible trapped.

This is done according to the parameters and risks contained in the Municipal Emergency Plan (PEMULPA) approved this year, which clearly establishes the various stages of activation of emergency plans. Throughout the simulation, there have been two monitors, the local police and SEIS, that have set a benchmark for the training session.

Also, teams that have taken part have been prepared on a psychological level, since these interventions, where they occur in a real way, can extend for hours, or even days, since humans can hold up to five days buried. In this case, the training was carried out on a potential situation that could happen in the city, and from inadvertent or malicious, or by an explosion or by material fatigue, the collapse of a structure occurs. Along with firefighters, police and medical personnel intervened dogs Canine Police Unit (UCAPOL), who have tracked the rubble in search of victims.

Besides the training of first responders, this framework has established patterns of organization with the media, such as the provision of the emergency operation of a secure tracking point from which to report on the event; and the establishment of a spokesperson to report permanently from the evolution of the work of the rescue teams.

As the collapse of the ship, work continues apace and will be ready by the end of November. The plot of 1,150 m² new green areas will come and work for the improvement of environmental and landscape quality of the northern entrance to the city will be made, while the services associated with mobility in the plot and will constriuda where it is located Intermodal Parking.

permanent Training

The template Service Firefighting and Rescue (SEIS), under the Presidency and General Coordination of Security conducted during the second and third week of September a training program that included live fire drills with the aim to reinforce training and coordinate their forces against possible disasters.

These practices were developed in a specialized training camp located in the town of Telde where 15 firefighters conducted fire drills with live fire. Besides contexts real fires, perform rescues at height training, indoor fire, rescues in confined spaces such as galleries, or fire of dangerous goods.