Thus, Antonio Spain and Sons has a treatment plant for agricultural plastics, allowing a first transformation of this waste for sale as raw material for the plastic recycling industry, as reported in a press release.
It is a system that allows give a second life to the agricultural plastics, especially the agricultural mulch film black, impossible to reuse before.
The plant, with leading technology, also known for its system of reuse of water used in the various treatment processes plastic and its new cleaning method for separating the grain of sand of plastics.
In addition, the company has a large fleet of trucks to proceed with the direct collection of the (black plastic and natural transparent tape irrigation pipe and thermal blanket, plastic boxes, bins, tubs, etc.) waste materials, which pay "spot and the best prices in the market." Once collected, the materials are transferred to the plant for treatment and recycling.
Antonio Spain and sons offer the guarantees of a company waste management with all certifications and guarantees the product collected at all times, whether it is dangerous or not, as it obliges European Standard transcribed to the Spanish and Andalusian.
Huelva company has all environmental permits and follow all quality protocols, so that the customer and ensures that their waste management are well managed and "do not cause problems to the environment or health."
In this regard, the company has appealed to the responsibility of the Huelva agricultural enterprises to carry out the recycling of plastics "more responsibly and depositing waste in the hands that offer greater guarantees, as well will be the best way to contribute to the protection of the environment and the surrounding environment, it ensures the best campaigns year after year. "
Antonio Spain and Sons founded in 1954 as a family business, has remained true to the culture of recycling and reuse of waste. From beginning to give its original activity (the recovery of materials that could then be reused) he has advanced "steadily, standing as a benchmark for the industry in Huelva and Andalusia."
Demolitions, hazardous waste management, treatment of scrap iron and metal, steel products, agricultural plastic recycling, recovery of paper and plastics, the destruction of confidential documents with the issuing of certificates testifying and low scrapped vehicles and their main areas of activity, which has the certifications required by the current law.
Antonio Spain and sons has the most diverse machinery to meet every need arising from the collection, transportation and handling for the controlled storage of waste. A large team of professionals, "highly qualified" is responsible for these tasks.