This was revealed by the Ministry of Development, whose leaders have recently presented the balance of that plan. Specifically, of the 168 549 offenses detected during 2014, 53,226 were related to non-observance of the rules on driving and rest. This represents an increase of about 70% compared to a year earlier were detected in this chapter.
The dubious honor of occupying second place in the classification of the alleged infringements by the inspection services corresponds to excess weight (19,776), although this type of breach last year fell slightly compared to that recorded in 2013 (20,584).
Were also reduced significantly more in this case, violations related to lack of transport cards, breach of the rules which decreased from 13,349 cases reported in 2013 to the 8,076 of last year.
During 2014 Civil Guard intensified its inspection activities in the transport of goods by road, as evidenced by the increased level of controls on trucks in the Spanish road network, which grew from about 252,000 in 2013 made up more than 260,000 who they were held in 2014.
More control, less penalties
Although, in the light of these figures, it is clear that the number of vehicles inspected by the Meritorious grew 3% last year, the number of reported vehicles fell more than 4%, from more than 115,000 in 2013 to just over 110,000 in 2014. Consequently, revenues harvested by the Civil Guard has also been depleted six million euros and did not reach 98 million over last year.