Soriano explained the rules for the paper 'Needs in intermodal rail terminal for Transportation, Storage and Handling of Dangerous Goods' which took place at the Conference on AEUTRANSMER intermodal transport of dangerous goods. 
According to the manager of Feique to the heavy regulation of dangerous goods, add assurance standards of occupational and industrial safety, along with the royal decrees, the law of the railway transport sector, etc. Soriano said the result of multiplicity of rules and over-regulation causes conflicts of interpretation between the different standards. 
Jesus also warns that Soriano project being developed by the Ministry of Industry is against the transport of dangerous goods and considers that "this that the legislature regulate, regulate and regulate means that, in the end, not the standards are met and will detrimental to our security policy framework. "
However, Soriano other logistics strategy praised 2013 the Ministry of Development, which he described as "a complete success". 
The conference organized by AEUTRANSMER on intermodal transport of dangerous goods successfully completed on 17 June at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Madrid.