The works have already started and is scheduled to be fully operational in September. Involve an investment of around € 469,000 in the first phase of a project over two million entered the competition of Comsermancha. 
The facility, which has already started working with the perimeter fence of the plot is located on a plot 6 hectares along the way Cañada Calero, in the area known as the Reventón Marañona located about 4 miles Heritage. 
Comsermancha Vice President and Mayor of Inheritance, Jesus Fernandez, explained that this project has taken a long process, after assessing the need for different peoples exist in the disposal of such waste. "Now, the plant will be operational soon and will further investment, creating more jobs, good news for the region," as he says. 
Technical characteristics of the plant 
The treatment plant waste from the demolition and construction of buildings, ships, civil and public works, have a dump line for non-reusable material with a total capacity of 600,000 m3. This facility, in addition to the perimeter fence, have a waterproofed concrete 2,500 m2, for the process of waste separation and shredding materials for classification as approved graded aggregates and its application in the construction of roads, streets and all kinds of road and platforms. 
We also have a packed for storage of graded aggregates, scales and controlling office module, ship maintenance 200 m2 and a covered area for temporary storage of hazardous waste area. It will also feature a waterproof raft for water treatment residues contact a landfill cell rejections and all the vials inside the facility to perform precision work for the recovery and treatment of waste. The project has all approvals of the Board of Castilla La Mancha. 
The works of this planting is conducting a Joint Venture Company (JV) comprising Recinor and Aldasa, also collaborate with various companies in the region. 
The new plant is already making the collection of debris (approximately 4,000 tonnes) from demolishing the homes of Laguna Brothers (Alcázar de San Juan) for grinding and subsequent use in building infrastructure of the plant. 
It is scheduled to be fully operational in September for all users who want it. Furthermore, it is planned the construction of a deceleration lane and acceleration variant of the N-420 for easy access to the road from the plant, as well as improvement. 
The plant occupies a strategic place in which many people can use it as Alcazar de San Juan is 18 miles, Villafranca Knights to 9 km., Puerto Lapice Camuñas 10 km and 7 km, among many locations in the region.