The drill was successfully used rail tunnel to evacuate the wounded while checking connections allowed in the galleries, as well as good coordination involved French and Spanish forces, including the operator of a túnesl. By passing more than 1,100 vehicles per day.

As for the details, the simulated accident occurred when a truck carrying dangerous goods, meaning circulating Spain-France, conducted a sudden movement originated and uncontrolled acetic acid, a highly corrosive and pose a risk of fire escape and explosion on contact with strong oxidants.

A result of the accident, a car driving in the direction France-Spain collided and overturned the gable then a few meters away from where the truck was. Subsequently two other cars collided in the tunnel, registering several injured in varying degrees. To the crash Firefighters and effective health services in both countries, as well as the Gendarmerie and the Civil Guard moved.

Emergency crews who moved to the scene worked in the activation of a security perimeter to prevent chemical hazards in the intense scrutiny of the people involved in the accident, in the care of the families of the victims in Barracks Civil Guard Canfranc. Finally, the injured people were taken to various French and Spanish hospitals.