The "Clean Point", built at the site Outcasts (plot 158), provide residents the delivery of urban waste, so that waste can be recycled, reused or recovered.

Whatever is not garbage in the "Clean Point" may be deposited wood and furniture, construction waste from minor works, waste oils, used batteries, waste photography, used batteries, appliances and other hazardous waste generated in the homes. For the collection of bulky waste were installed four containers with a capacity of 30 cubic meters each, and a container for debris removal of 12 cubic meters.

This infrastructure, with a total investment of 387,000 euros -cofinanciada by the European Development Fund Regional-, was conducted by the Ministry of Environment.

A "Clean Point" is a municipal facility properly equipped for the reception and temporary storage of certain waste generated in the home. Only to be admitted waste generated by individuals (input industrial waste is prohibited) and is free for individual users to deposit eligible household waste at these facilities. These facilities are complementary to the home collection of bulky than some councils made available to the citizen. A "Clean Point" -and not generate odors is not a facility where organic matter, or emissions or discharges deposit.