The secretary general of the Association of Waste Management Companies and Special Resources (ASEGRE), Luis Palomino, yesterday held a meeting with Pilar Lucio, appointed secretary of the PSOE and Sustainability Climate Change Extraordinary Congress of the PSOE last July.

In their meeting, Palomino Lucio moved to the concerns and situation in the field of hazardous waste management in recent years, after the fall of the industrial activity in Spain and economic crisis. A picture that is accentuated by the relaxation in the enforcement of environmental legislation, the risks to health and the environment that implies. Secretary General also influenced ASEGRE that Spain can not increase their competitiveness at the expense of relaxing environmental policies.

As stated Palomino, there is less availability of resources of the government to control the management and less demanding and diverse in the implementation of waste legislation criteria. This is creating a parallel illegal industry that acts with impunity. As shown, Lucio ASEGRE handed a dossier that collects malpractice in the management of hazardous waste.

Pilar Lucio showed his willingness to work with ASEGRE and highlighted the role that they should have such associations in developing the new Integrated National Waste Plan.