Lirquén. The freight yards Puerto Lirquén Company SA was the venue chosen by the maritime authority Lirquén to develop the annual emergency exercise control of dangerous goods, where planning and speed of coordination between entities must respond to an incident of this nature was found.
The first phase of the exercise consisitió in detecting the accident, which simulated the overturning of a truck with dangerous goods, IMO 2.3 "Chlorine", which would have caused the emission of gas and wounded. Given these facts, the company personnel activated the "Emergency Plan Port", and proceeded to inform the maritime authority and other agencies involved.

The organization, planning and control of the exercise was conducted by the staff of the Port of Lirquén, and included the participation of the Police, Fire Department of the 1st Company of Penco (HAZMAT) of the Mutual Security, and Samu representatives of the port company.
This activity allowed the agencies involved to check the effectiveness of their contingency plans and existing planning measures to deal with emergencies of this nature in the port areas; as also the efficiency, capacity and familiarity with the use of different equipment and means, noting deficiencies and strengths to optimize all future actions.