The report of the inspectors of PROFEPA further provides that the substance discharged by the overflow of a stack of excesses or emergencies, is a corrosive substance with metallic content and traces of hydrocarbons used in the solvent extraction process.

It also indicates that the overflow on the stack of spent solution was caused by a failure of the pumping was not reported promptly by the operator of the control base, the operator irrigation in conjunction with obstruction sobrederrame the pouring of stack of worn to the backup battery solution.

It should be mentioned, indicating the inspection, that being covered this pourer, its function which is precisely to pour solution to said backup battery was lost. Also provides that the date of the incident occurred last March 7 at 2:45 pm in the morning.

The PROFEPA warns that in case of spills, leaks, discharges or spills of hazardous materials or hazardous waste, up more than one cubic meter produced, verify if the company made the provisions of Article 130 of the Regulations of the General Law for the Prevention and Management of Waste.

This federal legislation provides that the enterprise subject to inspection must execute immediate security measures to contain the materials or residues released, minimize or limit its spread or pick them up and cleaning up the site, it is the unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure.

The inspection reference notes that the actions taken were immediately lower the flow solution used solution stack; sobrederrame uncover the blockage leading to the emergency battery; and entirely control the spill and the causes that originate.

Similarly, started with the recovery of contaminated material. On tour the affected area was observed personnel, machinery and motor grader, bulldozers and dump trucks, carrying limestone application and removal of soil impregnated with spilled solution.

Officials from the Federal Delegation of PROFEPA in the state of Sonora testified that spilled solution is deposited on the leach pads available to such mining company in the geographical coordinates 31 ° 02'19.77112'' LN and LW 110 ° 24' 51.0537''.

The Federal Attorney General notes that if Minera María presented the format immediately notice Spill, infiltrations, downloads or Hazardous Materials Spills and Hazardous Waste electronically on March 7, 2015 with acknowledgment of COATEA on March 8, 2015 . simple copy is attached.

He said that as provided in Article 72 of the General Law for the Prevention and Management of Waste, this authority has coordinated actions to take action to avoid endangering health or the environment in the area where the dumping occurred .

PROFEPA inspectors began surveying soil impregnated with spilled solution, cleaning or collection to be deposited in the leaching pads and application of limestone.


PROFEPA visited manifested by the 180 m3 that spilled spent solution of 0.02 ppm of copper (Cu) and a pH in the range of 1.5 to 2 U of pH which flowed through 2.6 kilometers.

So too precise geographical coordinates the spill began by overflow basin poor solution in northern LN 31 ° 02'09.16177 "and LW 110 ° 25'09.83317" and in the south geographic coordinates 31 ° 02'07.66816 LN '' and LW 110 ° 25'09.57450''.

Shedding concluded in the tax known as the Tordillo runway at the geographic coordinates 31 ° 01'38.53932'' LN and LW 110 ° 26'32.38159''.

At his last visit, PROFEPA testified that the company has deposited in the leaching pad a total of 266 cubic material or soil soaked with spilled solution meters, and no impact on flora and fauna in the area of ​​the spill is observed.