In a statement the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA), Delegation Puebla, confirms the presence of this dependence inspectors in Tehuacan, who conducted the temporary total closure of the landfill, which is responsible Operator Service Agency Clean Tehuacan (OOSELITE), noting that this procedure is due to improper handling of hazardous waste (HW).

In the letter states that during the application of the security measure, OOSELITE staff, inspectors attacked the Agency, so they were removed from the site amid insults, shouts and even persecuted by the carrier Principal Agency Margarito Andrade Pacheco, this after placing the closure seals without the inspected sign the corresponding minutes of closing, dated October 1, 2014.

This contradicts the statement of the head of the agency, Margarito Andrade Pacheco, who said he intended to make a request extortion 200,000 pesos, the inspector José Vergara Jesus Juarez, not precede the closing.

PROFEPA explains that the inspection visit to the filling, derive from citizen complaints that alerted on the emission of foul odors from the facility, the visit in the presence of hazardous waste OOSELITE tell detected without the permission issued by the Ministry of the environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) to give an appropriate final destination.

This, considering that those hazardous, being collected in natural soil and weather, waste pose an imminent risk of ecological imbalance repercussions on water, soil and groundwater at the site were found fluorescent lamps, towpregs fats and oils electronic cards as well as industrial sludge, among others.

He mentioned that hazardous wastes are regulated by the General Law for the Prevention and Management of Waste and identified in the NOM-052-SEMARNAT-2005, which was determined to impose as a security measure immediate Temporary Closure Total Site.

Stresses that by breaking the seals placed on closing the site would result in the imposition of a penalty of thirty to one hundred and eighty days of work for the community, as established by the Federal Penal Code. According to the Local Criminal Code, shall break the seals will apply a penalty of one month to two years in prison.

Also, you will win according to Article 189 of the Federal Penal Code, those who commit crimes against public officials in the act of lawfully exercise its duties or by reason of them, to a term of 1-6 years in prison, in addition to resulting from the conduct to prevent officials perform their duties.

PROFEPA ordered actions for immediate implementation that the responsibility should be performed, as the removal of all hazardous wastes that have been deposited in the landfill, so the decommissioning and removal of the RP is prevented impregnated pollutants from reaching water bodies, preventing damage to the environment and human health.