On his initiative, the legislator PVEM accurate fines of up to fifty thousand times the minimum wage and disqualification of seven to ten years, as well as cancellation of permits and certificates; this without affecting the right of denunciation by those who could be affected by the mismanagement of waste. 
Raises penalties from one to nine years in prison and a fine equivalent to three thousand three hundred days minimum wage who perform handling and disposal of biological-infectious and special handling, hazardous waste marked by different Law Health. 
Also consider creating a committee of responsible environmental inspection to monitor compliance of the shares of identification, separation, packaging, storage, gathering, collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of biological-infectious and special handling hazardous waste generated by setting for public health care, social or private sector of the national health system. 
Waller said that according to statistics from the Health Sector, the generation of biological-infectious hazardous waste (RPBI) bed in a day is 1.5 kg, multiplied by 127 000 795 hospital beds, the total sum is 191 000 557.5 kilograms of this waste. 
This, regardless of health centers outpatient, laboratory and clinical sample analysis, private offices, clinics and those rural establishments offering health services. 
The lawmaker said that the medical staff is the first to address the risks to your health by managing such wastes, but there are implications of environmental degradation caused by burning them and their negligent control. 
He stressed that there is epidemic evidence from Canada, Japan and the United States related to the transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and, most commonly, the virus of hepatitis B and C through injury from contaminated needles human blood by poor handling, treatment and disposal of RPBI in hospitals. 
The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that 40 percent of cases of hepatitis and 12% of HIV cases in the world are due to exposure in the workplace. 
source: http://www.quadratin.com.mx/sucesos/Prision-y-multa-quien-viole-norma-del-manejo-de-residuos-hospitalarios/