The agency reported that support materialized under the National Operating in Carters Point Customs land, sea and Aeroportuarias and Transboundary Movements of Materials, Substances and Hazardous Waste.
He explained that the incident occurred at kilometer 59 of the Tijuana-Mexicali highway, apparently by weather conditions that appeared in the region.
After receiving a telephone report Fire Department personnel, inspectors from the Federal Delegation of Profepa in Baja California they moved to the place of the accident to corroborate the facts.
Upon arrival, the authorities noted that the vehicle belongs to the shipping company called Integral Resource Management, established in the city of Tijuana, which was carrying hazardous waste to the city of Yuma, United States.
Inspectors checked the place of the rollover and found that the incident was no environmental damage or soil contamination.
The carrier presented to inspectors environmental damage insurance and documentation checked the authorized waste transport.
Cartman operating in that part of Profepa staff aims verification and monitoring of transport units with suspected materials, substances and hazardous waste.