The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA), detected a new toxic spill, again in a mine, now in the state of Guanajuato.
This is a spill of about 200 thousand gallons of tailings, it ie hazardous waste "El Rosario" which belongs to the Canadian consortium Great Panther Silver mine, dedicated to the extraction of gold and silver located in the capital of Guanajuato.
To meet this emergency, PROFEPA inspectors were transferred to the scene to conduct a review on hazardous waste and contamination of soil and water.
They explained that the incident occurred in the area of ​​flotation beneficiation plant, to burst a pipe 8 inches in diameter driving waste or mining jal by pumping to the tailings dam, which is located upstream of the site, because the mine is on the edge of the urban area of ​​the municipality of Guanajuato.
An estimated 200 thousand gallons of tailings, of which 840 were recovered in containment pools, while 360 ​​gallons spilled spilled: half down the road and the rest Cata River.
It is noteworthy that the hazardous waste reached the road were recovered with sand and soil also river water samples were taken to verify its probable contamination.
PROFEPA start an administrative proceeding against the Canadian mining for possible remediation.