Councilman United Left in the City of Nerva, Alejandro Santos Silva, reported Monday the register on 31 July, by the parliamentary group of IU, a non-legislative proposal for the immediate removal of waste input hazardous landfill Nerva. Furthermore, he argues that if BEFESA would expand facilities, a negotiation process should be developed with the council, which should result in a query where citizenship nervense decide on enlargement and the new conditions of the same. 
Alejandro Santos has declared that the United Left parliamentary initiative explained "by the constant disregard of the Ministry of Environment to the town of Nerva, by not fulfilling its obligation to stop them from entering hazardous waste in a landfill completely full and exceeded last at least four years. "
For IU "is unsustainable extraordinary irresponsibility demonstrated by the Ministry of Environment, which is deaf to the repeated calls of our organization to halt the entry of trucks in a plant whose capacity limit has been easily exceeded." Councilman United Left said that "unjustifiable neglect of the minister, María Jesús Serrano, which IU publicly addressed from the moment of his appointment in September last year." 
Alejandro Santos accuses the Ministry of "defending BEFESA interests above the interests of the Andalusian citizenship" and recalls that it was in February 2012 when "the Board stated that the original three vessels being fully booked, hazardous wastes are pouring in a phase of 'screed end "for the City of Nerva, in exercise of its powers, has not authorized the works." 
The nervense Councilman IU has held that "the irresponsible attitude of the Ministry of Environment finds support in the complicit silence of the mayor Sunday Domínguez (PSOE)." 
The Andalusian Parliament begins its next session on September 2, from the date that the non-legislative proposal will be processed within the Commission for Environment and Spatial Planning.