In order to provide reliable, timely and accurate information to importers and exporters who transport goods between Mexico and the rest of the world, the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation, through the General Coordination of Ports and Merchant Marine unveiled "Syllabus of Service Sealift Regular between Mexico and the World 2014".
The precise publication Mexico, waterway, linking to 131 countries and more than 490 destinations on five continents. In this context, exporters and importers have a service offering transport by ship timely, adequate, reliable and competitively priced.
The handbook is a handy reference tool, accessible and updated for users of maritime and port sector, academic institutions and the general public interested in knowing the features of moving goods such as containers, cars, gasoline, bulk agricultural and mineral, and dangerous goods between Mexican ports and the rest of the world.
It also provides data from different shipping lines providing regular service in high traffic and cabotage in our country and the ports they arrive and frequency and trade agreements, the SCT said in a statement.
The "Syllabus of Sealift Regular Service between Mexico and the World 2014" has been preceded publication "Guide Maritime Transport Services Regular Lines between Mexico and the World" and "Diagnosis of Maritime Transport Services Regular Lines from Mexico and the World ".
This valuable tool is available in