Published in: "BOE" no. 238 of October 1, 2014, pages 77729-77813 (85 p.)
Section: III. other provisions
Department: Ministry of Public Works
Reference: BOE-A-2014-9935

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In accordance with the provisions of Article 136.4 of Law 47/2003, of 26 November, General Budget, by which states that entities should apply public accounting principles and the other with no obligation to publish accounts in the Commercial Register shall publish annually in the "Official Gazette" the balance sheet and the income and economic equity results and a summary of the remaining states that make up the annual accounts, making public the information contained in the summary of the financial statements of the Port Authority of Melilla for the year 2013, annexed to this resolution.

Melilla, 10 September 2014-The President of the Port Authority of Melilla, Arturo Esteban Albert.

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