Valladolid 145,000 expected shifts in the second output operation will begin this Friday from 15 hours and runs until Sunday at midnight. This has been explained from the sub-delegation of the Government of Valladolid, who remember that last year there were no deaths from accidents in this operation ..
According to the same sources busiest traffic is expected in the A-6, A-62, A-11, N-122 and National-601, especially on Friday July 17-22 hours 31, Saturday from 10 and until 14 pm and Sunday from 17-22 hours.
They have also established some of the hot spots in the A-62, specifically in the vein of Valladolid between mile markers 118 and 130 and in the section of Arroyo Tordesillas 20 kilometers. In the town of Tordesillas slow movement it is also expected.
The Traffic Department has restricted the movement of dangerous goods on all roads in the province on Saturday from 8-13 pm and Sunday from 8 until midnight. The device provided in the province is 84 people, with 314 teams and a helicopter Pegasus. More than a hundred agents of the Civil Guard Traffic, 236 public safety personnel the same body and 34 workers from the road maintenance and operation of state are also expected.