Naturalists Association of Southeast forwarded the middle of last May a report to the Commander in Murcia Service Protection of Nature of the Civil Guard to report the completion of earthworks and discharges during the evening of Saturday 16 May at the landfill of the company BEFESA in the Valley of tailings, requesting that possible irregularities in waste treatment are investigated.
During said Saturday afternoon May 16 ANSE photographed technician jobs sundry equipment performing movements south of accumulated hazardous waste landfill Befesa lands and transferring them to a covered warehouse located in the oil recycling plant located east of the landfill, where they were unloaded. In parallel, a working machine chains on hazard landfill waste, apparently paving roads and recomposing of the deposits of materials, where recent discharges were observed. The protective sheets appeared broken waste in different places, and the height of accumulated waste turned out considerably, finding a facility that ships coming and significantly higher dimension.
The Director of ANSE held a meeting on 19 May with experts from the Directorate General for the Environment in which he informed them of the works seen three days earlier, and images of the movements of machines and new deposits of discharges were studied sealing the cover on the landfill. The experts from the Directorate General informed the Seprona ANSE was also working to find out the different types of waste from landfill.
On 02 June, the team Seprona in Murcia ANSE informed that his complaint, "... together with the actions taken by this unit has been sent to number 2015-100921-42 proceedings, for attachment to the proceedings 3091/2014 on a previous course Against Crime Natural Resources and Environment for the management of hazardous waste and other alleged crime against health of workers, and instructs the Court of Instruction No. 5 of Cartagena, and equally it has notified the General Service Environmental Quality Directorate General of Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water ".
ANSE also denounced before the SEPRONA that has not done any kind of environmental restoration and surface disposal facility Befesa or land reclamation carried out north of it, and were denounced by the Association in the spring of 2001.
ANSE remember that Befesa, formerly Trademed, was initially presented as the Platform for Environmental Improvement of Cartagena, with the aim of resolving the problem of the treatment of hazardous waste in the Region of Murcia. However, failure to comply with environmental legislation has been around since before we have the record of implementation of the activity. Stresses the complaint filed by ANSE in the spring of 2001, he denounced the illegal storage of nearly 5,000 tons of hazardous waste of all types, from all corners of Spain, outside authorized facilities and appalling conditions, which led the imposition of sanctions as the Autonomous Region had made so far by the non-compliance of the Environment.
Unfortunately, BEFESA has also delivered several penalties for improper handling of various disciplinary proceedings, and has failed to comply with the obligation to restore the landscape and natural habitat of illegally plowed mountains, although 14 years have passed since the ANSE complaint.
The Association stresses the negligent attitude of the Autonomous Region in BEFESA control, which is a good example of the lack of means and interest from those responsible for Environment in recent years for the enforcement of waste legislation dangerous, and demands that this new complaint is finished with the final closure of the landfill, the environmental restoration of the area, the establishment of a program of long-term monitoring to ensure that the waste stored does not harm the environment or human health people, and civil and criminal liability that may be incurred are purged.