Service Fire Fighting, Rescue and Civil Protection of the City of Valladolid organizes conducting a simulated traffic accident between a passenger vehicle (bus) and a vehicle carrying dangerous goods (truck transport of hydrocarbons) which will take place next Wednesday, the 10th, in the parking lot of the stadium José Zorrilla.

In preparing the drill, which will be open to the public who wish to witness from 11 am collaborating local police, Ambuibérica, transport companies MAT Group and the distributor of petroleum products DISA-SHELL licensee.

Attendees should reach the vicinity of the stadium José Zorrilla before 11:00, to witness the beginning of the year from a suitable location. The traffic will be cut in the area to locate vehicles that are part of the drill.

This initiative is part of the framework of the activities of training and coordination that usually develops interventions for improving and refining their techniques of intervention and education and promotion of the culture of self-protection among citizens.

Deployment of

The script of the simulation develops intervention in a collision between a bus, which has turned sideways, and a truck transport of hydrocarbons, which will present its cargo flight. The intervention will involve:

Three fire crews complete (rescue vehicle, vehicle nurse, urban fire engine and vehicle control), with a total of fifteen effective, which made securing the disaster area, rescuing victims and controlling the spillage of hydrocarbons and plugging the leak,

Four ambulances and rapid response vehicle with medical personnel, who are responsible for care in the emergency and evacuation to hospitals in the accident victims,

Students Training Centre Virgen de San Lorenzo, as members of the healthcare team and as victims in the wrecked bus ten municipal police officers, who will take over initial damage and control access to the area, and technical personnel of enterprises several companies.