Some 70 members of different bodies and security and emergency services have participated this morning in the simulated accident with dangerous goods that the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs of the Government of Andalusia has done from 23:00 until 02:00 and that caused the total cut both ways Sucker Cerro tunnel in the AP-46, between the municipalities of Almogía and Malaga Casabermeja.

The practice, which has attended the regional government delegate in Málaga, José Luis Ruiz Espejo, simulated a car accident and subsequent fire on a tanker truck loaded with gasóil and a van, in order to advance coordination between different operating to provide a "quick and effective citizens in a real emergency" response.

Specifically, as they have pointed out, has simulated a traffic accident in which has been involved a tanker truck carrying 30,000 liters of gasóil in the tunnel of Cerro sucker AP-46 motorway, kilometer 11 of 1,300 meters long.

This communication channel crosses from north to south Montes de Málaga, from the Alto de las Pedrizas the west ring of Málaga for a very steep path, hence the importance of exercise in the chosen area.

The incident caused the fire in the van involved in the incident, which has involved the activation of Self-Protection Plan's own infrastructure which owns the Ministry of Works and Emergency Plan before the Accident Risk Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail operating displaced to verify the effectiveness of the measures in the plan.

In the accident, classified as state 1 according to the plan claims-those that can be controlled with the means of intervention available, but require implementing additional measures for the population, property and environment, have only mild injured drivers of the truck and the van.

The incident has provoked the intervention of a dozen service effective firefighting and rescue the Provincial Fire Consortium Málaga and a crew of firefighters from the capital to control the fire inside the tunnel and reduce subsequently the leakage of the cargo.

Those responsible for the safety of the tunnel have found, thus the capacity of the ventilation and proper operation to reduce response times of systems and operating personnel, as reported in the Andalusian a statement.

The Government Delegation of the Board in Málaga and the Ministry of Public Works have run the simulation and the practical exercise has been also coordinated by the services of Civil Protection and Emergency 112 of the province, in collaboration with the Provincial and Fire Málaga capital.

Advanced command

During the year the Group Emergency Andalusia has deployed the Advanced Command (WFP) to facilitate the work of emergency coordination, provide technical advice and analysis of the next vulnerable elements. WFP is essential for the monitoring and control of emergency actions element and has the participation of all actors.

Practice has simulated the total cut of the tunnel in both directions and has also led to the establishment in Cecop the provincial center of Malaga. The troops have rehearsed evacuation, locating wounded, while the health have attended both affected and have moved to the referral hospital in the area.

In implementing the simulation have involved some 70 members Emergency Andalucía (Civil Protection, GREA and 112), the Ministry of Public Works, Police, Unit of the National Police attached to the autonomous community health services of the Public Utility Emergency health (EPES), service firefighting and rescue the Provincial fire Consortium Málaga, Málaga fire with capital, and officials of the Directorate General of Traffic, the company conservation and safety of the tunnel.

The exercise has been proven correct installation command post, activation of operational and bodies, mobilizing the media, communication between the structure of the plan and generate simulations of chemical and mapping involved in emergency substances. It has also evaluated the operation of each of the participating services, internal communication structures for coordination, deployment times of structures and security measures.

With this practice are analyzed and tested protocols established in the special emergency plans in force in the autonomous community to optimize all services and resources involved in running a real risk situation.

Once completed the practical exercise at 2:00 am, has opened a final evaluation phase to produce an analysis of the actions carried out by all participants and draw conclusions operational later in common that help the preparation and training of operating in a real emergency.

With exercise, the Board meets the provisions of the Emergency Management Act of Andalusia, as well as the Territorial Emergency Plan of Andalusia and other emergency plans they consider necessary to verify the effectiveness of the organizational structures and procedures through exercises and simulations, for what should be planned practices involving the intervening task forces.

The European Directive 2004/54 / EC and Decree 635/2006 also requires the regular conduct of such drills to ensure safety in road tunnels State, in cooperation with security officials and Civil Protection.