Gonzalo said the Barcelona-El Prat Airport is becoming a real hub for charging and you need to have more international connections, it is necessary to obtain permits for companies operating flights. In addition, the airport infrastructure "permit," he said, convinced the president of Air Cargo Club. 
Gonzalo made ​​the remarks during the celebration of the third annual meeting of the Airport Community, an event that brought together some 150 industry-related air cargo facilities in the Cava Brotherhood has in Sant Sadurní professionals. 
President of Air Cargo Club decided to strengthen relations between the Airport and the Port of Barcelona, ​​because the creation of synergies between the two infrastructures allows the growth of the entire logistics sector. "An airport with connections we have today enriches the port", and conversely, Gonzalo Fernando said. 
During this meeting, the Air Cargo Club of Barcelona recognized the work done by air cargo in the Catalan capital freighter airline Cargolux, in the person of its director for Spain, Mercè Savoy, and former director of the El Prat Airport and current director of AENA Airports, Fernando Echegaray. 
Both Savoy and Echegaray highlighted the growth potential that exists right now in the load segment in El Prat, something that coincided Pere Padrosa, director of Transport of the Generalitat de Catalunya, who opted for a fair competition between airports Barcelona and Madrid. 
Pere Padrosa said "both infrastructure can remain part of the same organization" but as long as both airports are free to compete. Director of Transport of the Government also emphasized the complementarity of the two enclaves, while Barcelona is being established as a hub for East and Madrid is stronger on routes to America.