The firm Alex Stewart, dedicated to identifying possible areas of mining, was fined a second time for the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Mendoza understand that breached all procedures regarding proper registration as a generator and operator of toxic waste dangerous. The laboratory samples extracted stones to define the existence of minerals and in the process produces toxic waste that should be sent to final disposal.

Alex Stewart is being investigated by the Justice for the crime of soil contamination with lead. He was also closed 20 days ago for being in the seat of the laboratory (Maza 3119 Maipu) a considerable amount of drums containing hazardous substances such as cyanide, solvents and effluents without proper save or registration.

In the release submitted by the laboratory to the DPA on the latter point, he said the drums contain no toxic waste that had been treated in the same place to turn dangerous. It is said that the company was not generating waste but only by treating them, it became operator of them without authorization had for these purposes.

This means that it was in breach of regulations as a generator of toxic waste and, moreover, is not registered as an operator of the same, which is another serious offense. Consequently, the DPA decided to impose the penalty of $ 50,000 for improper registration of relapse, and register officially as creator and operator of toxic waste, giving it 10 days to submit documentation. Otherwise, you can proceed to the final closing.

From Environment explained that the company can appeal the fine. You could argue that it is unreasonable or not for its imposition, but still setting the standard must be completed within 10 days.

Alex Stewart's manager, Marcelo Tejada said it will take that path, and that "once the studies conducted by the National Technological University are ready, talk to the media," because in his view "this is political, and nothing of what is said is true. "He further clarified that the activity was resumed once the discharge had a week ago.

Companies that produce, operate or transport hazardous waste must annually renew their certificates of qualification, where they communicate any changes in the process of waste, use or modification of the facilities and the total amount of waste handled at each site and if treated, how and where they will be deposited.

In this case, without incident in 2012, a fire in a warehouse not declared, had not prospered research, revealing the lack of controls and the municipality.

Meanwhile, State Prosecutor from the agency proceeded to investigate the actions of officials before 2012, and criminal justice intervention, asked the Ministry of Environment to report on progress against the required summaries.

State prosecutors spoke
► The Last September 10, the state prosecutor, Javier Fernandez, asked the Criminal Justice to investigate whether Alex Stewart lead-contaminated soil from a reservoir not declared, after a fire in October 2012. In addition to the Ministry responsible Environment to clarify the actions of the DPA on the case, considering that there were unnecessary delays and temporary insignificant fines for the company.

►19 September: the presence of improperly stored hazardous waste in drums for shipment to the tank, after which the site will close on September 25 is detected in the laboratory.

►20 October: after receiving the discharge guard on drums, is found to treat the waste without permission.

►10 thousand were the amounts of the fines for not being registered properly.