The Civil Guard Algeciras (Cádiz) has developed a research on the exploitation of pieces of used vehicles and vehicle management at the end of its useful life that has resulted in the allocation of nine people in the provinces of Badajoz, Seville and Malaga by alleged crimes against natural resources and environment and forgery.

Meritorious explains in a note, research was carried out between January and September this year as part of the 'Trans operation', which aimed to clarify the possible irregularities in the management of vehicles at the end of its useful life, considered hazardous waste.

During the operation, it has been shown that dismantling companies sought to export parts used in African countries as good when not previously decontaminated vehicles and therefore should be declared as waste.

Goods were rejected for export at the port of Algeciras by agents of Customs Border Inspection, unable to verify effective decontamination.

It is from this point that Seprona agents began tracking the goods in national territory in order to clarify the origin of it, checking for irregularities Authorised Treatment Facilities Vehicle at the End of its Useful Life is committed.

This resulted in the allocation of responsibility for three of these centers in the province of Badajoz by an export supposed to be held in Egypt.

In this case the goods were complete vehicles halved, who had not removed them hazardous waste and documentary were low.

In Sevilla responsible scrapping three attempted export to Nigeria a container with used engines and other vehicle parts decontaminated, with traces of fats and oils.

In the province of Malaga in charge of another center will be charged on the same facts, but Ghana had as export destination.

The defendants were accused of alleged crime documentary when issuing documents certifying decontamination merchandise export falsehood intended when it was not true, and for an alleged offense against natural resources and the environment.

It also notes that, as a result of this investigation, the Civil Guard was informed that in the province of Cádiz had facilities engaged in the activities of waste manager as Authorised Treatment Facilities Vehicle at the End of its Useful Life lacking authorization the Ministry of Environment and municipal license.