Among the 85 companies included in the "red" list, nine have been corrected ten relocation plans have been drawn and the remaining 66 have signed an agreement with the government to restructure.
  The investigation covered 583 chemical companies in the area, including 430 hazardous chemical plants, 89 companies transporting hazardous materials, 61 management companies of dangerous goods in the port of Tianjin and three warehouses of fireworks.
  The 67 companies included in the "yellow" list and 431 on the "blue" have passed safety inspections after correction and have resumed operations, according to the work safety administration of the district.
  The administration is also mapping geographic information of chemical companies in the area, while integrating Internet technology, data extraction and cloud computing in daily monitoring and emergency alert.
  The digital map of risk monitoring has covered 309 companies, a figure that will expand to 379 by the end of the year, Yuhou Shan, director of the local work safety administration said.
  The August 12, 2015, two explosions that destroyed a warehouse of hazardous chemicals and several residences in the port of Tianjin, killing 173 people, including 104 firefighters were produced.