In 2009, 8,177 Tucuman passed Law on Integrated Solid Waste Management (Girsu) by which each municipality must take responsibility for the service. Among the obligations set figure should build plants for disposal and schedule the separation of recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Until today, there was much progress. "Each municipality was to submit its environmental impact report, but except in the case of the capital, no one does," said lawmaker Alfredo amayista Toscano, member of the Environment Committee of the Legislature.
On batteries there is not news. The only way to find out is nonpolluting become "bricks" in PET bottles tightly closed. This is what makes Sebastian Ogayar in his Spaceship Earth, a house-workshop where he seeks a sustainable solution to the electronic waste and batteries. "Right now I have two cardboard boxes full of batteries, slowly, I put in bottles with sand. There are people who then use it to build furniture that is not in constant contact with people, "Sebastian said. It is that, as he says, little is known of the damage that can cause these old batteries. So they prefer to use batteries ecoladrillos with banks and other areas other than the walls of a house. Another output is put them in concrete constructions, so that they are embedded in concrete. Batteries are devices that convert the chemical energy generated by the reaction of its components into electrical energy. There are different types, depending on their components.
In a bottle can become fit about 100 batteries, explains Ogayar. You may be closer to his old home in Peru 423 batteries (height Laprida to 1500).