The proximity of the election, especially if the outcome is uncertain, it is always a good time to announce tax cuts, or accelerate the inauguration of new officials in case. Also, and now the case of Plasencia, to change planning rules against the advice of the opposition, and facilitate the arrival of controversies such as those dedicated to treating hazardous and toxic waste industries.

The 'chinatos' popular adjective of the natives of this town located 11 kilometers southeast of Plasencia, a whole do not know what to think, but just in a couple of weeks nearly half of the population, a total of 1,250 3,000 adults (standard complete until 4700), have decided to prevent case and filled municipal offices written arguments against the claim of the government team (six councilors PP), designed to amend the rules of urban planning .

In about anonymous

The issue caught the neighbors, also the Municipal Corporation three years ago, almost to treason. Fifteen days before the municipal elections held in late May 2011, the 11 councilors received a large, anonymous envelope in which they were informed that they had started the process of environmental public information, for the installation of a plant residues, some of them dangerous.

As was time to act, they agreed that the new incoming Corporation would address the matter thoroughly, and so, became absolute majority rule with the Popular Party (6 councilors) versus 3 opposition PSOE and IU 2.

The harmony was preserved however and unanimously drafted allegations against the industry, along with others such as the environmental group SEO-Birdlife is finally submitted to the environmental agency of the Government of Extremadura transacting industrial installation request.

The environmental impact assessment was unfavorable and finally Malpartida from where otean clearly reliefs Monfragüe National Park, he breathed again.


But "inexplicably" IU values ​​Councilman Javier Mateos and member of the Clean Malpartida platform in August 2013 the new popular mayor, Marcelo coverts, previously favored industries such questioning, and using an absolute majority of his party, promoted changing planning rules subsidiaries to other possible location of waste treatment and storage of hazardous and polluting waste.

The initial legal amendment was adopted on August 15, and in a few weeks will proceed to the provisional; Regional Planning Commission shall give its approval before final approval and subsequently be considered waste any business project that came along.

"I will not allow anything harmful"

Mayor Marcelo coverts, Extremadura has assured never authorize anything harmful to the people, and revealed that he has nothing against industries that treat hazardous waste "that do not pollute and always follow the law."

The Socialist Group opposes malpartideño against proximity to the town and the prohibition expressed so far in municipal legislation, that such plants are established, and the knowledge that on the previous company applicant weighed a number of complaints and current files by serious irregularities and anomalies in waste management.

Mayor ensures that the only thing he promotes with changing planning rules is to place, at a certain point where it hurt, industries that previously could choose anywhere in the municipality. But if it were that 1,250 claims are many, right ?, question. "Yeah, but you know how there have been", and even the existence of Barred adventure that no specific "irregularities."

He admits that there is at least a draft submitted, that of Biotran, which would create wealth and employment, along with other similar but does not want to disclose how many jobs would be talking.