In the framework of Environment Day to be held this June 5, INEGI, SEMARNAT and other studies show interesting data pollution.
Debris Reynosa is the city that generates waste more than 640 tons per day, while Victoria is above the national average with just over 282 tonnes and Bustamante and San Nicolas are those that generate less waste.
While Nuevo Laredo features a landfill according to the needs in the management and disposal of waste and transport is the sector that generates more pollution in the state.
The generation of municipal solid waste is 3000 tons per day, which puts national Tamaulipas in position 12, 675 and 2000 tons per day, 90% are collected and there are six facilities for the disposal of municipal solid waste monitored.
Nationally states generated 46.4% of the waste are 19.7% Federal District, State of Mexico 9.6%, 7.6% Jalisco, Veracruz 5.2% and 4.3% Guanajuato.
In Tamaulipas most pollution comes from transport 37.4%; consumption of electric energy 32%; 14.3% industrial, commercial and residential 8.6% of the agricultural sector and the rest from other sources.