The vehicle with 3754 plates GWX, turned to the one p.m. on its side in the vicinity of the roundabout to the A-8, spilling some of the merchandise. As a result of rollover also broke the fuel tank began to leak on the floor.
The cocktail complicate the situation was served, since the rock aluminum slag in contact with liquids produces toxic gases and is highly flammable, which is why the protocol was activated dangerous goods.

As a result, all accesses to the roundabout (road Mondoñedo's-Lourenzá to the A-8, access from the coast road and the road leads to the firehouse) were cut, leaving a perimeter of safety of about 250 meters, while the load is trasvasaba and was left in the road conditions. He also ordered the residents of the two houses and the staff of the companies that were closer to the accident to stay inside with the windows closed.

Firefighters Barreiros containment efforts made ​​to prevent this oil will contact the load. And the Civil Guard was responsible for maintaining access and cut the safety and normal work accident. The driver, who suffered minor injuries and was evacuated to hospital.

Shortly after the operation was deployed to remove load to another truck of the same company, Transportes Gabeiras order to bring the goods to Sogarisa (collection center for hazardous waste). At 1700 hours the protocol was disabled and recovering normal traffic in the area and neighbors. He also attended the Regional Police Seprona, Civil Protection and GES Barreiros Cervo.