The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection established a total of 55 administrative procedures including six clausuras- in 2014, by irregularities in the management of hazardous waste in companies operating in Coahuila.

Javier González Raúl Valdés, federal delegate of Profepa in Coahuila, said the agency conducted 55 inspections and verifications in 77 companies, resulting in a total of 81 industries in which failures were identified.

The federal official said that under the inspections was found that most of the irregularities which were incurred by mismanagement of hazardous waste and for breach of the terms and conditions established in permits issued by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

"I should be noted that due to the actions of inspection and surveillance in hazardous waste in 2014, six closures were made," he explained.

"Today," he added, "Profepa drives the policy of 'zero tolerance' breach of the provisions of environmental law, including improper handling of hazardous materials and wastes, which promotes inter-agency cooperation in the verification and inspection of such waste to the various police forces ".

He said the goal of the Annual Inspection and Monitoring Program is to verify that the management of hazardous waste is consistent with the law and monitor compliance with the terms and conditions of the authorization granted by SEMARNAT for handling and transport hazardous waste contingency plan of care and possession of policies or insurance documents required in case of an eventuality to ensure reparations.

González Valdés said when industrial activity does not comply with current environmental regulations, Profepa, through its delegations, conducts the conduct of administrative procedures relating to industrial inspection, where violations of laws, regulations are determined, Mexican Official Standards and other applicable provisions.

 "With these actions, inspection and supervision, Profepa it promotes compliance with environmental legislation regarding the handling of hazardous materials and wastes, in order to reduce risks to the environment and public health," he said.