This is according to the warrant endorsed in plenary was promoted by the legislature of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Omar Daladier Zeron Flores, in the last regular meeting of July 17 this year, and read grandstand by deputy coalition between the Green Party of Mexico (PVEM) and PRI, Rosalio Santana Velazquez.

"They are alarmed by constant acts of theft from vehicles transporting hazardous materials and waste, whether nuclear, chemical or explosive nature, such as the recent theft of a charge carrying a container with Cobalt 60, in the town of Tizayuca recently ", contextualized Santana Velazquez.
He reported that from 2006 to 2009, a total of 492 environmental emergencies were recorded at the national level and related to the transport of hazardous materials and substances by road, of which 456 were due to stroke; 15 emergency leakage; 12 incidents were recorded nine fire explosion.

He noted that in the same period, the Center for Attention to Environmental Emergencies reported a total of one thousand 199 accidents involving hazardous materials and wastes in which 196 deaths occurred and 838 injuries and economic losses of approximately damage of 231 million 189 000 710 pesos.

In favor of the agreement, participated by the representative district Huejutla, Daladier Zerón Omar Flores, who said that the transport of radioactive material must conform to existing regulations to minimize the possibility of incidents during transport. "It is vital to avoid adopting measures envisaged and radioactive environmental emergencies and alerts that have occurred."

During the development of the work of the tenth regular session of the Legislature LXII of the local Chamber of Deputies and 84 municipalities called upon to undertake appropriate action to prevent the spread of human settlements irregularly to prevent the spread of areas lack of public services without municipalise.

The economic agreement was read by the PRI lawmaker district Actopan, Edith Aviles Cano, who said that the closeness that has Hidalgo with the metropolitan area of Mexico City, has become one of the favorite destinations of the citizens this region to take up residence here.
He said the population growth and the inability to regulate access to real estate because of the high costs to access it, bring the following settlements trucking greater cost to the state because eventually become large slums.

In favor of the agreement, up to podium lawmaker district Zimapan Rosa Guadalupe Chavez Acosta, who said that many times, settlements are established in areas of geographical instability and also are far from services, mainly health which causes gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases are increased.

Similarly, deputy PVEM, Rosalio Santana Velazquez said the lack of financial capacity of the bulk of the population to purchase homes in the metropolitan area of the Valley of Mexico, forcing families to buy in areas of settlements.
Within the general issues involved PRI deputy district Ixmiquilpan Hector Pedraza Olguin, with the theme "System Product Sheep", with which he requested that urge to livestock authorities to take the necessary actions to breeding for increase the herd.
It also requested the Secretariat of Agricultural Development of Hidalgo to increase the 2015 budget in favor of farmers. The approach was referred to the Standing Committee on Finance and Budget for review and audit opinion.

In addition, the deputy district Tepeji River, Rosalio Santana Velazquez, participated in gallery with the general topic "Belisario Dominguez" in which he made a portrait of Chiapas the Mexican political origin.

Finally, the president of the board in turn, the PRI Castelán Dora Luz Neri and summoned the members of the Congress Legislature LXII state of Hidalgo to the eleventh ordinary session to be held on Tuesday October 14, 2014 to 10:00.