The proposed by Deputy Ricardo Martinez Del Rivero, point agreement also included the presentation of a report on the transfer operations of said abandoned hazardous waste.
Part of the intention was to urge the Federal and State governments to investigate and determine responsibility for neglect of toxic waste.
However, in the vote in plenary, the point of agreement only received three votes, so that that warrant was not made.


In this context, Del Rivero Martinez, recalled that last June 15, just days before the World Environment Day was celebrated through a call alert residents of the Colonia Hidalgo, disclosed the existence of More than 22 containers of hazardous waste abandoned.
The 22 containers were left a company that participated in the construction of thermoelectric and although it was reported earlier to the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), nothing was done to remove them.
"The agencies responsible for the environment not carry out their work, again it is the citizens who disclosed this type of irregularity" he charged.


During the past year more than 79 million pesos were allocated to different schemes for the environment of Durango.



In the previous fiscal year 64 percent of the resource Environment it was assigned to the management of solid and hazardous waste.