How could it be otherwise, after the strong technical report by the Hydrographic Confederation and counting over 1500 allegations before it was repaired the administrative error in 2012 by the Minister of Public Works, Planning and Environment and Planning, Mrs. Belén Fernández, which had reported favorably to part of the mining project and not the other of the same, which was not legal to be a unique project presented.

Remember that the new draft, had serious flaws that made environmentally unaffordable:

 We believe that this procedure is legally flawed to be fragmented handling of a project that is all. It is unacceptable to undergo EIA one part of the project when a whole is no legal process the EIA within this dossier already exists a partially unfavorable Environmental Impact Statement.

Presented serious deficiencies in project regarding the proposal and analysis of alternatives, in terms of analysis of the effects on gaps Silva, characterization of wastewater that would be generated and justification of the technical feasibility of facilities clearance required for discharges were not due to non-compliance of quality and environmental objectives of the receiving environment.

Dancing the size of the tailings ponds grinding and flotation, which began on 500,000 m2, with 210,000 m2 down without anyone knowing they would go then do with the hazardous waste generated by the process, because the procedure was the same, thereby somewhere had to wear those hazardous wastes, with a contaminant life of over 50 years.
Not clarified where it was to concentrate the mineral, where in this part was made, as was going to take you there.
As much as the Principality of Asturias be a loophole and not see the impact we all see, for many promise and facilities have been made to the miner, we can bring equity claims in view of all the pitfalls committed by the Principality in these years of negotiation, responsibilities must be assumed by the Minister of Economy Mr. Graciano Torre and the President of the Principality Mr. Javier Fernández, as supporters of this shocking mining project.

It is clear under the specifics of the project and taking into account all the factors identified ecological, socioeconomic, archaeological and cultural order, the clear environmental impact of the project in the area that no one can be a risk factor for the exploitation but for decades afterward.

Once again the Government of Asturias is clearly marked as an environmentally unaffordable support project, which have failed to give the nod despite their intentions. Again the Minister of Public Works has had to acknowledge his mistake in 2012, because it is clear that in the case of gold mining can not reconcile environmental protection with the defense of economic activity by high environmental impact as we can see in the exploitation of Belmonte. "