Two patients Ebola and contagion: the nursing assistant who takes the opportunity to face with the gloves with which he was in the room of the missionary Manuel García Viejo been touched. Before entering, a course of about 15 minutes that many have already labeled inadequate. Agents Oviedo Fire Department yesterday made a mock activation protocol before the virus on site Rubin, a practice carried out routinely every so often and on which all have received a course he considered "essential '. In his view, the auxiliary Teresa Romero and his colleagues "should be better trained." They are, and these days every little detail to go over what to do in case of infection.

The clothes worn by firefighters and those who use the Hospital Carlos III de Madrid are not the same, but the protocol should be similar. Alejandro Vallina, fire shift manager, explains. "We would use a suit NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical), which has 15 layers and having a protection level 4, the maximum that exists." These, unlike the leading health, are totally independent of the atmosphere and have a self contained breathing apparatus inside, with a maximum working capacity of 30 minutes or one hour, depending on whether it takes one or two cylinders. "The risk is zero," but the placement and protocol must guard "retail".

Juan Evaristo and costumes are made. They do this under the watchful eyes of two colleagues. "There must always be someone watching you act correctly," explains Vallina. Not only that, but should also help them dress because "they alone could not." This before acting, because once you've been in contact with the virus' have to pay even more care. "They claim that "the shower is essential before undressing to disinfect." However, in the protocol provided health staff Madrid is only mandatory if remnants of vomit or blood are observed. Firefighters emphasize the "importance" of this step, and recommend that the suit used in hospitals is the same as used in Africa, totally enclosed and fan inside, which has come to health centers in Germany.

His is the better prepared there, designed to work with chemicals and they have used in truck accidents involving dangerous goods. In this case, the shower must be held in a cabin disinfection. However, for Ebola would have to spray the dress with water and bleach. As there is no difference in both cases is that "other partner also dressed in attire that is removed should be monitored properly." They know all too careful, but they are convinced that if their actions were necessary are "highly qualified."