As the morning wore on Tuesday, a small place that installed the Administrative Department of the Environment Barranquilla (Damab), hazardous waste collection, was filling.

At the point of collection had arranged for old cans and cell batteries, which did not receive many elements. According to company officials, this is because the community still does not have environmental awareness as to what the unwillingness of post-consumer waste.

"This is a journey through the Damab coordinated and supported by the National Association of Industrialists (ANDI) to give the community an opportunity to dispose of highly polluting elements that may have in their homes or small businesses; and to train them in basic form on the proper disposal of themselves, "said Jacqueline King, director of the environmental authority of the city.

The event took place between 8 am and 4 pm, 5 points of the city: Buenavista Boulevard, Plaza de la Paz, the San Jose district court, the school district Olga Emiliani and boulevard Simon Bolivar.

The director of Damab indicated that this would not be the only campaign of its kind, and is the slope of the Andi shaping a new mission.

"The community should be aware of the final disposal of waste such as batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, computers, tires, insecticides and other elements of this type, because they can be thrown away, and in the worst case to streams city​​, because environmental damage is great. The important thing is starting to take them to collection points is in some malls, "said Reina.

The point of the Plaza de la Paz was filled with old tires and computers, to a greater extent, which came thanks to agreements that have Damab some institutions and llanterías, but very little individual approached.

The really remarkable was that the public was receptive to the offer of free trees, mango here.

Since bystanders were passing buses and taxis drivers and motorcyclists interested in adopting one or two trees. Their reasons were the love of nature and the protection of their homes regarding the high temperatures.

The day and the continuity

This type of collection days occur more frequently and record in the industrial sector, which has policies and management of hazardous waste. The mission has just begun with the community.

Jacqueline King, director of the Administrative Department of the Environment Barranquilla (Damab), believed to be several equal or larger conferences on this subject, because it must do more promotion on the change in the disposal of highly polluting materials.